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What is Appliance Refinishing?

appliance refinishing before and after

Appliance refinishing is a technique for refurbishing older appliances or furniture to make them look new and chic. This can assist in many home improvement projects or projects where you may be re-working certain rooms of your house and want to add a special touch – or just keep using a reliable appliance you’ve come to depend on.

One benefit of appliance refurbishing is it solves potential color clashes in the rooms of your house or apartment.

Perhaps you’ve found a wonderful old Kitchenaid blender you’d like to display in your kitchen, but the problem is that it clashes with your new color scheme.

You can use a method of appliance refurbishing known as “ceramic ware enamel resurfacing” to turn that antique blender – or dishwasher, icebox or toaster – into something that looks brand new.

vintage porcelain stove before and after refinishing

By refinishing the appliance rather than buying a new one, you are not only creating a replacement but also saving time and money. You’re also saving the planet, because China has one less appliance to manufacture.

Ceramic ware enamel resurfacing is not the only type of appliance refinishing. There are many other ways to refurbish old appliances and make them fit into a modern home.

Update Your Kitchen & Keep Your Favorite Appliances

repainted appliancesThese days, new appliances all look alike – most are decorated in either stainless steel or flat black.

It’s a stylish look, but unfortunately these colors do not match the colors of old or antique appliances.

While black and steel may match a modern decor, it is up to home decorators to find a way to make older appliances match, as well, so that the entire house blends the old and the new together.

Older appliances use color schemes such as almond, avocado, harvest gold, and copper tone.  None of these are modern, making them stick out when placed into a more current or fashionable room.

Rather than get rid of your favorite kitchen pieces and spend money to replace them, appliance refinishing lets you put on a new coat of paint or sparkling factory-new finish that will make your old appliance look brand new!

The small cost associated with refinishing an old appliance is nothing compared to how much it would cost to buy all new appliances.

So if you are considering redecorating your kitchen and are worried about how your old appliances will fit in, consider appliance refinishing as a way to turn your rooms into a cohesive space.