Kitchen Design Trends That Are “Out” and “In” For 2020

Kitchen Design trends can change yearly, but when designing a kitchen, your look and feel should last longer. The typical kitchen design or remodel price can range from roughly $20,000 to twice that amount. Plus do not forget the time that is involved, some require a few weeks (or even months) to complete, so renovating each time “a look” changes is not realistic.

That is why we talked with design and color experts throughout the kitchen industry to find the trends with staying power in addition to all-time classics that’ll be everywhere in the new year. The following are the kitchen design trends we predict to be popular in the next year and beyond.

Here Are The NEW Kitchen Designs Trends For 2020



1. Mix-and-Match Lighting

If you cannot choose between a beautiful chandelier or those to-die-for pendants, why not include both? With a growing center on lighting as a decorative component, combining different styles and varieties has never been larger in kitchens, and the trend enables you to celebrate many aesthetics.

In a well-designed kitchen, light serves various functions. By way of instance, an overhead fixture intensifies up the whole space, while sconces brighten particular tasks. For kitchens, there has surely been an uptick in pendants to be used over islands. Sconces are in demand, also, for lighting the washing of dishes in the sink or as an accent combined a backsplash behind the stove.

Remember to think about how your cooking space works and how different kinds of lighting –ambient, coating, and task–can best meet your requirements. Then consider changing the style between fixtures, such as pairing midcentury pendants with French-country sconces. As you match and mix, select at least one component, like the shape or the finish, and keep it consistent between fittings to manage a cohesive appearance. Using a cunning mixture of lighting will not only provide a trendy appearance to your kitchen but also make it a more livable space.

2. Gorgeous Blues

Shades of blue will continue to be in fashion in the New Year–as evidenced by Pantone’s choice for 2020 Shade of the Year. And it is no wonder that this friendly, approachable hue is fantastic for kitchens. The blue color family is very versatile. Its varying shades –from light to denim to navy –have calming qualities that produce a sense of comfort at home and feel neutral.

When you think about how much time you spend in your kitchen, a calming color is a definite winner. We particularly love the deep moody blues and abundant blue-greens that match so beautifully with several other kitchen styles, such as natural wood accents and brass hardware.

3. Brass Accents

Appearing in cabinet hardware, faucets, drawer pulls, and brass finishes on decorative elements, light fixtures add some shine to the design of your kitchen. And regardless of the finish— unlacquered, or polished brass, satin —this metal makes a stylish statement.

Brass gives a timeless and classic look while still feeling bold and modern. We will see that in 2020 too. The finish blends perfectly with most kitchen design styles, but we love the appearance of moody cabinetry, brass hardware against the dark, or a shining brass tap that serves as a bright center point in a dull kitchen.

4. Colorful Variety

White kitchens will have a special place in our hearts for forever, but we are excited for all the bold kitchen color options trending at this time. We are especially fond of the expanding color choices available for ranges, and we are not just talking about white and matte black alternatives.

There is a continuous rise in the popularity of bold colors in the kitchen due to an increase in the influence of European style trends within the U.S. market.

Along with more conventional color offerings, the Bertazzoni Professional Series ranges are available in fiery hues. Red is one of the most famous statement colors and is an excellent option that pairs well with both contemporary and traditional styles. At the same time, orange and yellow are rising and bring a modern flair to any room.

5. Custom Storage Solutions

Since the heart of the house, kitchens tend to serve many goals. That is why smart storage is vital for keeping the kitchen clutter away and taking advantage of available space. Innovative storage solutions are still popular add-ons in kitchen layout, with 78 percent of homeowners renovating their kitchen planning to add specialty storage in their new cabinetry, according to a 2019 Houzz research.

Upgrading your kitchen and brainstorming ways to amp up your storage? Think vertically to maximize your storage on a single wall. And think about adding storage in less traditional areas like from the corners on your countertop.

6. Latest Shaker Style

These cabinets are being used for a long time in farmhouse-style kitchens, but the design continues to diversify to keep relevant in 2020. We’re certainly in an era of Shaker-mania, and these cabinet doors have a broad appeal and can be found everywhere.

Pierce points to simplicity and their classic design as a reason for their staying power. Additional Shaker varieties, such as those with narrow rail widths, are on demand. All of those captured top spots in the trend direction and current sales, meaning we do not find this style going away any time soon.

The appeal of Shaker cupboards helps them merge with multiple design aesthetics. Varieties of this timeless style support the casual modern, updated conventional, and contemporary farmhouse seems that many of today’s homeowners love.

7. Integrated Appliances

Designed to fit flush and work in parallel with kitchen cabinetry, integrated appliances, especially dishwashers and refrigerators, are on the rise, according to industry specialists. Today’s options prevent appliances from tearing up sightlines and seamlessly fade into surrounding to offer a cohesive look and rich aesthetic.

Integration is a crucial 2020 kitchen trend. Integrated appliances provide complete design freedom, which is a feature that returns itself across style and aesthetic preferences. Meshing with their design philosophy, Fisher & Paykel has added dozens of integrated offerings to their product ranges in recent years, including under-counter dishwashers and cooling drawers, and column cooling units.

To obtain a seamless look that brings style to the forefront, disguise a dishwasher or a fridge with custom paneling, or choose to construct wall ovens and other appliances into cabinetry for a streamlined effect.

8. Warm Wood Grains

Wood surfaces add warmth and natural beauty to any area, and the material has taken a leading role in kitchens. There are several things which are appealing to wood. It seems substantial, warm, and there’s something unknowingly reassuring about it.

Following Are “Out” Dated Kitchen Design Trends

1. All-White Kitchens

You can’t actually go wrong with a white kitchen, but it is dull, and the design world is over it. Where is the personality? Rather than all-white kitchens, we are seeing wood tones, bold cabinets, or, at the very least, texture.

2. Subway Tiles

There is nothing terrible about subway tiles. It’s just that they have been so overdone, remodeling your kitchen and adding those just feels like overkill. There are quite a few cool techniques to create a backsplash. Why don’t you try a different shape, handmade tile, or even a slab of stone instead?

3. Industrial-Style Statement Lighting

Oversized, heavy pendant lighting had a time, but the industrial style has come and gone in support of something a little lighter and more understated. The new method lets the rest of the kitchen shine and doesn’t clog the view in an open-concept room. Suggestion: Be sure to focus the scale of your lights compared with your counters, cabinets, or Kitchen Island.

4. Plaster Walls

Plaster walls will seem incredibly dated, although it’s tough to imagine. Plus, they are a pain to keep clean and can stain very easily. Not great for space where things can splash or splatter occasionally.

5. Barn Doors

Indeed, these were apparently on their way out a few years ago — and now it is official. They just too overdone and only really make sense in a particular sort of home.

6. Marble

Let us clarify — we are talking about the actual stone, not the appearance of marble. With its different striations and coloring, it will always look good in a kitchen or bathroom. Real marble countertops arrive with a lot of issues.

They have to be resealed every few years; they can chip, scratch, or stain; and are porous, so heat and even certain cleaners are problematic if misused. The main reason for its exit? There are more durable alternatives available — such as butcher block, quartz, or granite.

7. Pot Racks

They look beautiful if you have collection copper containers like Martha Stewart. For the rest of us, though, our cookware that is semi-automatic does not have to be displayed. Looks aside, the actual problem with pot racks is they let dust accumulate all on your cookware. No one wants to eject a family of dust bunnies when they go to use a pan or pot — or worst-case situation you stop using your dish because it is out of reach. In any event, do not bother hanging one of these in your kitchen.

8. Stainless Steel Appliances

Now that there is a wide variety of finishes available for your appliances, you can omit stainless steel. Yes, we know that it’s considered a classic, but it is practically impossible to keep it clean.

With all the other options you can find (such as panels that conceal appliances entirely), why waste your energy and time trying to keep fingerprints off your stainless steel? Black stainless did not even exist 10 years ago, and who knows what else producers will come up with next year!

9. Open-Concept Kitchens

People used to be about knocking down walls and opening up all of the space. People have gotten tired of placing their heads, or looking at collections of dirty dishes while they remain on the sofa, or placing their heads on cushions that smell like the last dinner.

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